Galerie Gabriel / MARIAGROUP


MARIAGROUP is a design studio led by the brother and sister duo Georges and Michèle Maria.

Based in Beirut, the architecture practice undertakes works of all scales, spanning from small interior projects to large urban plans, in 12 different countries. MARIAGROUP begins all projects from a standpoint that is decidedly architectural, interested in responding to each brief through thinking about space.

The design of space, crafted through light, material, texture, and form, informs the projects from the smallest to the largest scale, and delineates a common language through which new questions are addressed. Deeply committed to the understanding that architecture is shaped by a collaborative confluence of design ideals, materialknowledge, and craftsmanship, the studio seeks to create for each project a unique world of real physical experiences.

MARIAGROUP’s work stems from this desire: to translate need into built form and create a sense of excitement; to craft a story of everyday life into a poetic and unexpected gesture.