Paris 2019 – Maloles Antignac

Galerie Gabriel / Paris 2019 – Maloles Antignac

Paris 2019 – Maloles Antignac

Gabriel & Guillaume, Paris, 2019

Maloles Antignac, Solo show – Fertility Cycle – Curated by Marion Vignal

Fertility Cycle addresses the utopia of an ecosystem when mankind and nature would be one.

Out of clay, Spanish artist Maloles Antignac gives birth to hybrid and phantasmagorical creatures, connected to each other through visible or invisible wires. Bay tree lady, embroidered skulls, carcasses, organs… Her works look like fragments of mutant bodies, as if they were coming out of the depth of the earth. Are they erotic, mystical or witnesses of a world whose treasures are at risk? As an artist of the Anthropocene, Maloles Antignac, through her practice, questions the energy of the world, and leaves taboos aside to show the feminine in its wild beauty. With Fertility Cycle, she expresses the urge to create a new bond with this mother-earth, ultimate creative matrix and recipient of our deepest desires.

Place: 35 Avenue Matignon, Paris 8
Dates: October 15 – 20, 2019


October 25, 2019