Gino Sarfatti

[vc_row] [vc_column] [vc_tabs] [vc_tab title="Works" tab_id="5f90a361-71b7-1"] [qodef_product_list type="standard" columns="4" order_by="date" sort_order="DESC" taxonomy_to_display="tag" taxonomy_values="Gino Sarfatti" underline_element="no" product_slider="no"] [/vc_tab] [vc_tab title="Biography" tab_id="1403ce03-f4c6-3"] [vc_column_text]   Gino Sarfatti (1912 — 1985) Gino Sarfatti was an Italian and designer. After his studies in engineering, he became one of the leading designers of the Italian company Arteluce Company from 1939. Arteluce quickly...

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