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Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7442
Pair of Armchairs
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7442
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7446
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7447
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7448
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Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7453
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Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7459
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7461
Cópia de LEILAO_DESIGN_08_23_7455

Pair of Armchairs

Martin Eisler & Carlo Hauner


Brazil, c. 1950

Solid wood with upholstered bodies and loose cushions coated in light fabric and stick feet in solid ivory stick.

27.95 x 27.95 x 27.95 in
71 x 71 x 71 cm

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